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Village Mama

Before | During | After
Your Pregnancy

Prenatal Care is Vital to a Healthy Pregnancy

  • Before your Pregnancy
  • During your Pregnancy
  • After your Pregnancy

Prenatal care
is vital to a healthy

Village Mama offers:

FREE prenatal vitamins
FREE daily multivitamins
FREE pregnancy tests
FREE ovulation kits
Basal thermometers
And more…

Congratulations, Mommy!
We are here to assist you as you make the journey from pregnancy to motherhood.

We offer a selection of products including:

FREE prenatal vitamins
Preggie Pop Drops (morning
Peppermint gels (morning
PSI Bands (accupressure for
morning sickness)
Organic stretch mark cream
Pregnancy support belts
Cooling leg and foot cream
And more…

Your bundle of joy has arrived!
Congratulations! Let us cater to you and your baby with items including:

FREE breastfeeding education classes
FREE one-on-one breastfeeding consultation
Spectra breast pumps, parts and supplies
Breast milk storage bags and trays
Lactation supplements
C-Section underwear
Medication pacifiers
Oral & rectal thermometers
And more…

Village Drugs offers a new program called Village Baby

Raising a baby takes a village,
let us be a part
of yours.

Village Mama proudly offers a wide variety of products and services for mothers before, during, and after pregnancy.

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